Covid-19 Procedures

Business Continuity Plan.

Updated Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Further to the latest information circulated to date in relation to the COVID-19 situation, and in relation to updated guidance circulated by both the Government and Public Health England (PHE), as we are all now aware a National Emergency has been declared.

A&E Elkins Ltd are as you are aware committed to ensuring the safety of our staff, customers and supply chain paramount in our day to day objectives, and In response to this latest advise and whilst the future of the Construction Industry remains under debate, we will now be implementing our contingencies under our Business Continuity Plan for Major Incident Response and be introducing a systematic closure of all construction activities as of close of business today – Tuesday 24th march.


  • A&E Elkins Duty management Rota will be implemented from 5pm this evening.
  • Juno Way will be closed as of 5pm today, with our telephony system diverted to on-call Duty Managers.
  • We will continue operate all critical and / or essential business functions via home-based working.

Ahead of this planned closure, the following actions are to be completed by all Operational Teams:

  • All Construction Sites are to be closed as of 5pm today, in accordance with standard protocol for Christmas Shut Down’s.
  • All security fencing and compounds are to be thoroughly checked and left fully secure, all mains supplies are to be isolated, and that everything is left clean and tidy. FORM107 (weekly checklist) is to be completed and issued to the Operations Manager by close of business.
  • All Roof areas are to be checked, with any materials secured and / or relocated to site storage containers, so far as reasonably practicable.
  • All Site managers are to complete our Weekly Site Check Form and return this to Juno Way at the end of today, ensuring that all keys are also returned to the Operations Manager at Head Quarters with the completed FORM107.
  • All Scaffolding security measures preventing unauthorised access to Work at Height Equipment are to be reviewed. All ladder access is to be removed, and security fencing double checked, with any additional measured implemented as deemed necessary.
  • All Scaffold Hoists are to be locked down and power supplies removed.
  • Please see the attached Customer Information poster that is to be clearly displayed throughout all Sites providing Emergency advise to customers.

Site Security:

  • Our Supply Chain and internal teams will continue to undertake Statutory Scaffolding Inspections in accordance with TG20:13.
  • With the period of site closure remaining undefined, the A&E Elkins Duty Managers and Management Staff as designated will be implementing regular site inspection rota, to ensure that we remain visible and provide an enhanced level of essential due diligence.
  • Both Electronic and Hard copies of the A&E Elkins Scaffold Log will be issued to all parties by the HSEQ Manager before close of business.

Internet Security:

  • As previously stated, please be aware that there has been a spike in email scams linked to coronavirus, including fraudulent offers of a vaccine, specific measures that claim to help businesses, or fraudulent claims of available funds or tax breaks.
  • Please can I request that any staff who have access to company Email remain extra vigilant and receive any emails of this nature, Do Not Open them, and to report any spurious communications to our IT providers Red Door on 02085409020.

Out of Hours Emergency Service:

  • Where we can, we continue to provide our clients support and assistance for essential Code 1 Emergencies only, with clients advised to utilise the emergency services as and when applicable. Any follow works will be risk assessed in accordance with the above.
  • Please implement the OOH DUTY MANAGEMENT escalation protocol at any time required:

Major Works & Construction Division & Operations:

  • Any internal “Work in Progress” refurbishments are to be completed today, again so far as reasonably practicable. No further visits are permitted as of close of business today.

Repairs & Maintenance Division’s & Operations:

  • All R&M operations will cease as of close of business today, and OOH Emergency Protocol activated as set out above.

We will keep you updated with further communications and actions to be taken, and we continue to recognise that this is a very worrying time for us all, and I request that any specific concerns regarding individual employment be directed to your line Managers and / or via our HR department at this time, I will once again instruct all Service managers are to ensure that all Staff are made aware of this briefing via telephone contact today.

In closing, please stay safe, and look after yourselves and your families in accordance with the guidance received. We will

Yours Sincerely,

Ray Elkins
Managing Director

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