This particular contract deals with major communal projects around the Borough and is resident focused. The aim is to make the local environment more aesthetically pleasing, a place where residents and Southwark as a whole can be proud off. Already we have upgraded communal entrances, resurfaced various car parks and painted playgrounds and similar areas. Over the next three years we will be a major part of making Southwark a visibly better place to live and hope to extend this type of contract to all new and existing clients.

We have undertaken these projects with great efficiency and in the first two months, we have:

  • Resurfaced an Estate Playground
  • Resurfaced and realigned a car park and eased parking issues
  • Repaired fencing to a playground so that children can play safely and benefit from the facility provided
  • Decorated communal entrance

Already, A & E Elkins have received high acclaim from clients, residents and local dignitaries.




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