The Resident Liaison Officer (RLO) is the Residents Champion within the project team and is responsible for ensuring that the overall residents experience is both positive and memorable.

Through the RLO, we tailor our approach to suit individual client and project requirements and always provide additional support to vulnerable residents. We pride ourselves on our approach to residents with varying needs and offer a wide range of solutions. Customer care is paramount; we are constantly re-evaluating our service delivery and welcome feedback from all residents and clients.


Our Resident Liaison Officers:

aenews Administer efficient appointment procedures

aenewsIdentify and support varying needs

aenewsEnsure that the views and needs of particular groups of residents (e.g. residents with disabilities) are represented, as appropriate in the consultation process

aenewsProvide clear information including Resident Information Handbooks, Resident Choice Options, Care & Operating Instructions (in alternative formats as appropriate)

aenewsOrganise the use of translation and interpretation services and other methods of communication where appropriate

aenewsCommunicate, liaise  and deal with residents to ensure positive solutions and resolution of complaints

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