Freddie FarmerFormed in 2011 the Freddie Farmer Foundation was established to raise £250,000 to set up a specialist centre in South East London providing facilities for a specialist physiotherapy unit for children with Cerebral Palsy and serious mobility problems. Freddie Farmer himself was born at 28 weeks weighing just 2lb 12oz.  His family and friends have dedicated themselves to raising enough money to open this centre and as this has gained momentum people have made cakes, climbed mountains and jumped out of planes to raise money.

Currently there is a piece of equipment called the Spider which helps Freddie and children like him to get the correct kind of physiotherapy. Unfortunately this equipment is rare and a lot of travelling needs to be done to use it.  The main aim of the centre is to provide children with local access to a Spider in South East London rather than the long haul to Oxford.

A&E Elkins are proud to sponsor this charity as it proceeds towards raising enough money for the centre and equipment.  Whilst an impressive £50,000 has been raised in a year there is still a way to go.

For a recent article on the Freddy Farmer Foundation click here

If you would like to contribute towards the Freddie Farmer charity then please donate through their Just Giving page.  As well as being able to directly donate there are also inspiring ideas for fundraising events.

An amazing 9-year-old boy is the inspiration behind a campaign to set up a centre that aims to get disabled children walking for the first time
Freddie Farmer Just Giving page.

For more about Freddie Farmer himself and the efforts of those around him  and the charity then visit the Freddie Farmer website

Freddie Farmer website
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