Dear Madam/Sir,


We are residents at P***** B*****, Walworth, where you have teams undertaking works on behalf of Southwark Council…

…This is ameliorated to a certain extent by the liaison team that represent Elkins  and organise the schedule of works with us, the residents.  We have had dealings with Vicki Sheldon.  She has been helpful, efficient and at all times available for us!  It helps a great deal to have some one who listens to us, as at no time is it comfortable having building works.

Please extend our thanks to Vicki.

I wanted to send a belated thanks to say what a good job your staff did on the electrical changeover works on W***** Row, SE1.

They were always courteous, flexible where they could be and generally gave great customer service. I would cite Michael Springer for particular praise, and all the rest of the team were excellent, too.

What could have been a tricky and messy job went incredibly smoothly for me.

Good job!

Peter Madden

I am the tenant at the above address and I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks to you and all the staff at A & E Elkins for the wonderful and kind gesture you made by offering to redecorate my living room.

At the beginning of May last year, I moved into my flat by way of a mutual exchange. The property was in a bad state of disrepair but I was ready to roll up my sleeves and bring it up to a good standard.

Unfortunately, my health took a turn for the worse and I was diagnosed with lung cancer in July. After a lengthy stay in hospital followed by 4 months of gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, I was at a very low ebb. The conditions I was living under were dragging me down to the point that they were affecting my recovery.

I reached out to Southwark council to ask if there was any possibility for them to help me out under the circumstances. I was told it was not possible.

When your company arrived on site to carry out improvement works on the estate, I had a visit from your resident liaison officer, Michael springer, during which we discussed the planned agenda. I kept apologising for the state of the property and explained the reasons why I was living in such dire surroundings.

We discussed my illness and Michael was very sympathetic. He assured me that he would do everything possible to work around my needs during the planned works. A few days later, Michael paid me another visit. He told me that he had explained my circumstances to you. Then, to my utter astonishment, he told me that your company had offered to redecorate my living room at the company’s expense. He explained a bit about A & E Elkins and how they were a family firm. He also said that you were both the kind of bosses who could be approached when someone needs help. Which is at the core of the company values.

I cannot begin to describe in words how this gesture from complete strangers made me feel. It moved me to tears of joy and gave me the first bit of positive news I had received in a long time.

The work has now been completed and has been carried out to a very high standard. I cannot praise your staff enough for the help and consideration that they have shown me whilst the work was in progress.

The people involved in the project were: –
Michael springer – RLO
James Powell – Site Manager
Samson – Labourer
Andy – Painter
Levi – Plasterer
??? – Wallpapering

With regards to the main body of works being carried out on the estate. I have nothing but praise for everybody involved and for the high standard of workmanship and courteousness shown to me as a tenant. Michael in particular is very approachable and has proved by his actions, that nothing is too much trouble for himself or the company. Unfortunately, I do not have a very good prognosis but A & E have made me so happy. I can now live each day on a positive note thanks to my new surroundings.

I have approached Michael to request details of how I can go about making a donation to A & E Elkins charitable works which I read about on your community newsletter. As soon as he lets me know, I will make a donation of £200.00 for you to do with as you see fit.

It only leaves me to say, thank you all. From the bottom of my heart.
Susie Crimmins

The liason officer and the site manager was very helpful and they looked after me
very well. I thank them both. Very professional. The workman was very much the same too.
Thank you all very much,
Good job all. 🙂
Mr P Glassborow
Thank you for the new kitchen fitted into my one bedroom flat. The new kitchen is bright, comfortable to be in, more spacious, well fitted and the design options to choose from were extremely good.I would like to say a big thank you to Matthew white for his work and contribution to the installation of my new kitchen. He was polite, friendly (a people person),understanding, helpful and a true professional. For explaining the process of the works to be done and being done, he was very good at communicating this in language and terms that could easily be understood and has a real good knowledge of his trade. Matthew also watched over the flat for me on a few occasions, twice while I did some quick shopping and once while I went to have my medication at my doctor’s surgery. For this I am extremely thankful.I would also like to thank Darren grant for his contribution in
designing the new kitchen on his laptop. He was also polite and friendly and a true professional.

I would also like to thank all the workmen involved in the installation of my new kitchen. The work carried out was done with a level of professionalism with which I was very impressed with and appreciative of. I had a friendly chat with a few of the workmen during the process, which made for a friendly and positive atmosphere. The names of the workmen I can remember are Justin, Andy (the workman who fitted the worktop, sink and cupboards), and john (one of the electricians). Thank you again for all the work carried out. I am very pleased with my new kitchen and have also showed my kitchen to a few friends (who also saw the kitchen at different stages of the process) and they are very impressed. I am soon to show the kitchen to my family and am sure they will be impressed also.The previous few years have been a testing time for me personally, with ups and downs and having the new kitchen fitted has been an uplifting experience,

so, thank you very much.
Take care, and once again thank you to everyone involved indesigning and fitting the new kitchen.Mr Leon Harwood

I am writing this short note to thank you for all your help, consideration, and understanding regarding the work carried out in my flat. After waiting for a new kitchen for nearly eight years I am very pleased with my nice, bright and practical kitchen and I can look forward to returning to my cooking and baking which will help me with my disabilities. Your work force were excellent arriving on time, were polite and were respectful to me, my carer and home. They helped answer any questions I had if they could. They left my home clean and tidy at the end of each day. There were a few issues which cropped up during the works, these were dealt with quickly and without fuss.

Once again, thank you
B West

 You don’t know me, but my name is Mr E. Ghadden of Forsyth gardens se*****. I’m a lease holder in a maisonette.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Mathew, who I believe is a colleague of yours, I found him very pleasant and friendly and he helped me with a few problems that I had. There’s not many like him around. Its nice to know that Elkins have good workers like you and Matthew.
Mr E. Ghadden

From all of us at *****, we just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for transforming our kitchen and for all the works carried out to a high standard
Nelly & Juliet
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