News from Peckham Pride Girls

This is a quick update on the girls and where they have progressed to since last summer. You can read the articles below to see what the girls think about the opportunities themselves.


Ire Ozzy-Momodu – Robert Morris University (Pittsburgh, PA):

Ire has now signed at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh. She leaves this June and has a 4 year scholarship worth $53k per year. She cited the fact they have low student to professor ratio 9/1 in each class as a big factor as she needs/prefers focused learning. It’s also a great situation for her from a basketball standpoint as the coach there has great values and principles, is also strict which Ire needs, she’s a kid that will always need direction and focus and we felt that was something she’d get at RMU. She couldn’t be more excited.


Toyosi Abiola  – Iona College (New Rochelle, NY) :

Toyosi has also signed to Iona College, which is just outside NYC, it’s 4 years and the scholarship is worth $48k per year. She has always wanted to visit and live in New York, she loved the schools campus and the head coach there is awesome. In October she visited Iona, Manhattan College and then a week later the University of San Francisco. Although San Fran was a hard place to turn down, Toyosi just felt like the connection she had with the people at Iona was too hard to turn down and now she is excited to get over there this July. She’s currently leading the whole of England in scoring at 22.3 points per game, scary.


Khaleah Edwards – Wagner College (Staten Island NY):

Interesting one here, Khaleah actually applied to Cambridge whilst exploring her opportunities in the US, she was given a lot of pressure by our school to go to Cambridge but ultimately she felt although it was an amazing opportunity, she just loves basketball so much and the idea of a high level free education was too much to turn down. She visited Wagner in December with mum, they spent two days in New York, she called me from over there in amazement, she couldn’t believe they were offering her a free education worth over $200k over 4 years. Since she’s signed to go there her confidence is through the roof both as a person and a basketball players, it’s great to see.


Emerald Ekpiteta – Niagara University (Buffalo, NY State): 

Emerald secured herself a full scholarship to Niagara University to study and play basketball, she leaves in May to do session 1 & 2 of summer school to get a head start on here studies and work out with the basketball coaches during the summer. She visited the University at the beginning on January and said she knew as soon as she arrived, her mum was ecstatic on the phone to me from over there and said it’s a dream come true for their family.


Trophy Success:

In January the girls also defied the odds by winning the NBL Womens Division 1 Cup up in Worcester, this was particularly a proud moment as we beat a team of paid professionals and our team was made up exclusively of teenagers and school kids, our girls are officially the youngest team to ever win a senior national title.



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