As well as our social housing projects, A & E Elkins
now have a large portfolio within the High End
Residential sector. We understand that every
project is unique and personal to the client and
work closely to ensure their every necessity is met.



For the last 15 years, we have worked with major
consultants and architects within the industry on
high profile residential properties. During this time
we have had to consider higher specifications,
shorter deadlines and manage client expectations.



A & Elkins offers first class solutions and services.
Our dedicated team offers a hands on approach from
Director to on site craftsmen, ensureing superior
finishes. Our aim is to exceed clients expectations,
utilizing our experienced management team.
Our commercial department is pivotal in playing
a promenant role to ensure high quality delivery
as well as value for money. We continue to find
alternative material substitutions to meet these aims.

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