Facetime – The Best Video Calling App for iOS

Released in 2010, FaceTime has been the best thing in the video telephony field. In the subsequent years, this app made its way for Mac, iOS devices. Available in various languages, this is also meant to provide the social networking and voice over IP. Being commercial software, facetime for PC has gained momentum owing to the present set of Internet services.

Developed by Apple, this app is not for android and windows devices and but other alternatives are available that provide similar set of services.

Using FaceTime on your Apple device

Follow the steps below to make your device have a workable set of services through the Facetime app:

  • Home screen will show the icon of this app and launch it from here
  • On the search bar, tap at the center of the screen
  • Add the name of the person with whom you want to connect
  • Tap and here starts your video calling

The services provided by this app are for free which includes the calling feature as well. Your mobile data will be saved to a greater extent and because these are purely the Internet calls. If you are using wireless Internet, then no need to pay up for anything as the calls being absolutely free.

In case, you are not using mobile data, it is the data network which carries your voice which end up saving lots of money. Make calls to anyone you want to, they need to have the Apple device such as iPad, iPod, iPhone or Mac. What you require is a free Wi-Fi in the city with following services such as:

  • FaceTime alerts
  • Blocking the calls receive from FaceTime

Following devices provide the FaceTime services:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch

If you are using Wi-Fi then FaceTime is available on iPhone 4 and later versions, iPad2 onwards, on all the models of the iPad and 4th generation iPod touch. If you are using cellular data, the use the iPhone 4s or later versions, and iPad 3rd generation are also used. If you have purchased your device from Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia regions then this app will not be available.

With the availability of the audio calls, it is easy for you to dump off the bill that you get on your voice calling. It’s your mobile data which does the needful and you can make calls wherever you like.

Can you control the FaceTime?

Facetime for Android Latest involves many features that help in controlling it from unauthorized usage. You can turn on or off your app and use the parental controls as well so that your kid is unable to make operate it without your permission. Though this app is activated automatically still the developers have given you enough power to make it work the way you like it.

You can also block and unblock the contact list and use it as per your need. FaceTime is famous for its safety feature as well and no intrusion is being made on the information that your phone has.

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