A&E Elkins Ltd is committed to delivering quality, value for money services and appreciates that we must be responsible in how our activities may impact the environment.

Our experienced, in-house environmental management team operates a comprehensive ISO 14001 certified environmental management system. This is to ensure that we not only meet all legal requirements and industry best practice, but are also constantly improving our processes and practices to reduce environmental impact and waste. All company activities and projects are rigorously risk assessed to determine the potential impact of activities through potential pollution, energy consumption, habitat destruction and waste generation so that they can be eliminated and reduced as far as is practicable in areas of the business.

We heavily invest in comprehensive environmental training for all our managers, supervisors, and operatives to ensure that our staff are competent, confident, and aware with training accredited by Construction Skills (SEATS), IOSH and CIEH. Subcontractors and suppliers are assessed and managed to ensure that they meet all company and legal standards, as well as those of our clients.

We also make use of external experts where possible, to guarantee that our practices are the best that they can be, which results in a dynamic environmentally aware and responsible culture that is increasingly successful in winning commendations and awards from external schemes such as Considerate Constructors, ROSPA and others.


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