Your Opinion Counts

We believe that the opinions of the residents are very important with regards both our construction and refurbishment work and we appreciate your feedback over what we do and how this work has affected you (whilst we receive a lot of heart-warming feedback we learn as a company through both positive and negative feedback so please give us an honest opinion).

With the correspondence we have with local councils we have a commitment to getting it right for the community we are working in and making sure that the council get the feedback they need to make improvements.

Elkins RLO was very professional and very patient with me to help when it was difficult for me to arrange access into my property. Overall, I am very satisfied with the standard of work.

Thank you.Catherine Nelson-Streeter

Really well managed project – lots of communication and all workmen have been professional and friendly. O. Crossley-Holland

Can’t fault Elkins at all. Helpful, Polite and Lovely.Lyssa Maciocia

Dear Madam/Sir,

We are residents at P***** B*****, Walworth, where you have teams undertaking works on behalf of Southwark Council…

…This is ameliorated to a certain extent by the liaison team that represent Elkins  and organise the schedule of works with us, the residents.  We have had dealings with Vicki Sheldon.  She has been helpful, efficient and at all times available for us!  It helps a great deal to have some one who listens to us, as at no time is it comfortable having building works.

Please extend our thanks to Vicki.

Ros Lewis

I wanted to send a belated thanks to say what a good job your staff did on the electrical changeover works on W***** Row, SE1.

They were always courteous, flexible where they could be and generally gave great customer service. I would cite Michael Springer for particular praise, and all the rest of the team were excellent, too.

What could have been a tricky and messy job went incredibly smoothly for me.

Good job!

Peter Madden
A note of thanks, as well. It’s been a pleasure working with you and with everyone from A & E Elkins. Many thanks for your professionalism, thorough work and kind, friendly manner. Please extend my thanks to everyone who worked on the windows in the flat as well. Their excellent work looks great. Mr Kallus |April 2016
I just felt the need to write and compliment you and your team on the fine job you have done on the windows. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the work and recognize that it has been done to a high professional standard in what are challenging conditions. I appreciate the consideration and courteousness you have shown in my dealings with yourselves;  combine that with a very organized approach on your part which has made this venture for me totally stress-free. I was apprehensive at the start and that proved to be completely unfounded. Hats off to you and other team workers; a really good effort!Mr Wilson | April 2016
I am extremely happy with all my dealings with A&E Elkins,  particularly Kathleen Garcia (RLO) who has been extraordinarily helpful and has gone the extra mile to accommodate me with all my needs.Mr Blake | May 2015
Workmen are very friendly and reliable. Mrs Ramesh | May 2015
The electricians worked extremely hard they didn’t stop all day – 8am until 7pm. Mrs Mills | May 2015
Most of my dealings have been with Ms Garcia – she is excellent and most professional.Ms O'Driscoll | April 2015
Very good workers – they were excellent. Mrs Cook | April 2015
Workmen are very friendly and reliable. Mr Rooney | March 2015
The electrical work is very good so far. Mr Anderson | March 2015
Electrical re-wiring; window overhaul and front door replacement.  The A&E Elkins Liaison Officer and Site Manager were very helpful and they looked after me very well.  I thank them both, very professonal.  The workman was very much the same to.  Thank you all very much, good job all. Mr Glassborow | March 2015
Having now had the final works done of: electrical rewiring, windows being inspected and any replacement items being done and the front door being replaced.  The personnel who came to do any of the above, arrived at the time stated, completed the work within the time frame given.  They made sure the premises were left neat and tidy and worked in a very professional way.  All personal problems that I had were dealt with satisfactory.

I would like to thank all who carried out the works and would recommend to any future tenant who may be concerned about having the work done, the efficiency of the work being undertaken.Mr Charnock | March 2015

I would just like to say thank you to all those did work on my kitchen.   All the workmen tool pride in their work, they were very polite and worked really hard without hardly having any breaks, they cleaned up all their mess they were always on time or earlier.

All the liaison officers were spot on doing their checks to the property and were always on hand and very helpful at all times.  I would recommend your company of Elkins to whom need word done.  Thank you again.Pelican Estate Resident | February 2015

To All the Team, Thanks so much, you’ve all been AMAZING.Susie, Patsy and Andy | February 2015
It’s lovely to see people ready to help still in these hard times, hats off to these wonderful companies and to you Michelle Thorpe for all your hard workChell Turner | January 2015
To Elkins, I would just like to say what a brilliant job your workmen have been doing on Montaque Square, they are very clean and tidy and the tenants here are really pleased.

What a team you have got, they are also very pleasant and helpful.

I hope you will find this letter helpful.  On behalf of the tenantsMontague Square Tenant | November 2014

I would like to thank A&E Elkins for the kind donation to the TRA.  The money was used to organise a day trip for Residents and the children to for a day out.  It was an extremely kind gesture to donate.

I would also like to say the works been carried out by the contractors are brilliant, they are very polite and professional.  Thanks again. Mary O'Sullivan | August 2014

Thank you sooo much to you and your team.  A great job.  I can now get on to decorating, cleaning, I will be singing your praises at our  next committee meeting.  Hope you and your team success for the future.Jack Olney | August 2014
Dear Ray and Rod  (Ray Elkins, Managing Director & Rod Miller, Operations Manager)

I am a tenant at the Conant House and I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks to you and all the staff at A&E Elkins for the wonderful and kind gesture you made by offering to redecorate my living room.

At the beginning of May last year, I moved into my flat by way of a mutual exchange.  The property was in a bad state of disrepair but I was ready to roll up my sleeves and bring it up to a good standard.  Unfortunately, my health took a turn for the worse and I was diagnosed with lung cancer in July.  After a lengthy stay in hospital followed by 4 months of gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.  I was at a very low ebb and the conditions I was living under were dragging me down to the point that they were affecting my recovery.

I reached out to Southwark Council to ask if there was any possibility for them to help me out under the circumstances.  I was told it was not possible.  When your company arrived on site to carry out improvement works on the estate, I had a visit from your RLO, Michael Springer, during which we discussed the planned agenda.  I kept apologising for the state of the property and explained the reasons why I was living in such dire surroundings.  We discussed my illness and Michael was very sympathetic.  He assured me that he would do everything possible to work around my needs during the planned works.

A few days later, Michael paid me another visit, he told me that he had explained my circumstances to you.  Then, to my utter astonishment, he told me that your company had offered to redecorate my living room at the company’s expense. He explained a bit about A&E Elkins and how they were a family firm.  He also said that you were both the kind of bosses who could be approached when someone needs help, which is at the core of the company values.  I cannot begin to describe in words how this gesture from complete strangers made me feel.  It moved me to tears of joy and gave me a first bit of positive news I had received in a long time.

The work has now been completed and has been carried out to the very high standard.  I cannot praise your staff enough for the help and consideration that they have shown me whilst the work was in progress.  The people involved in the project were: Michael Springer (RLO) – James Powell (Site Manager) – Samson (Labourer) – Andy Osborn (Painter) – Lewis Jacobs (Plasterer).  I have nothing but praise for everybody involved and for the high standard of workmanship and courteous shown to me as a tenant.  Michael in particular is very approachable and has shown by his actions that nothing is too much trouble for himself or the company.

Unfortunately, I do not have a very good prognosis but A&E Elkins have made me so happy.   I can now live each day on a positive note thanks to my new surroundings.  I have approached Michael to request details of how I can go about making a donation to A&E Elkins charitable works which I read about on your community newsletter.  As soon as he lets me know, I will make a donation of £200 for you to do with as you see fit.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  Yours sincerely, SusieSusan Crimins | August 2014

Dear Matt (Matt Wheelan – Draper Estate Site Manager)
I would like to say a huge thank you for your help in keeping my fish alive during the switch over of the electric in the building, if it was not for your quick thinking I am sure I would have lost them all, and yet again A&E Elkins Limited have gone out of there way to be very helpful, not only in this matter but with the refurb of Draper House, all your staff have been very helpful and friendly.
When we had the new heating system put in, I was very impressed with the speed your staff was in and out, only one day to complete the work for a total new heating system with a new boiler, radiators and new pipes, I don’t think any other company could have done that so quick.
Also a huge thank you for the professional guys that installed my new kitchen (Mark and David) again very friendly and helpful, A&E Elkins Limited in my mind got to be one of the best company’s out there and would recommend them to anyone in a heart beat.
Thanks again to your all for your good work.Mr R Carrington | May 2014


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