A & E Elkins always begin a project by talking to the estate residents’ representatives such as the tenants and residents’ association, community leaders and the residents themselves where possible.

We can then get an overview of the estate and the residents that live there. This helps us to plan and discuss with the tenants’ association, what community initiatives would benefit them the most.

Here, we don’t believe in just “doing events” for residents, but instead addressing each estate’s individual needs and requirements. We get involved where needed by providing funds or materials and if necessary labour. Most of all, we work directly with the community to carry out initiatives which will benefit the whole estate, be sustainable where possible and help to empower people in their own community so that when we leave site, residents can carry on using and achieving what we started together.

Consort road

After consultation with the TNRA at Consort road, we agreed to provide and fit a new kitchen to the existing TNRA hall as the old one was in a very poor state of repair.  The hall is used to hold many events and is used by many residents on the state. This improvement benefited the whole estate. We also agreed to set up a residents’ office in the TNRA hall and pay rent. This meant money was going back into their funds and there was one less site cabin to take up valuable space on the estate grounds.

Croxted road

We met with the TNRA regarding community initiatives and what we can provide. It was pointed out there was very little for young people to do on the estate in the school holidays. We then agreed that A&E Elkins should fund and help organise a children’s fun day on the estate. Various events and games were organised, including a bouncy castle, face painting and a bike doctor which proved very popular indeed! Food was also provided for the children that attended. A & E Elkins funded the day and was jointly organised and run on the day by our staff and representatives of the TNRA.  The day was a great success and many residents who had never spoken to each other met for the first time.


London Borough of Southwark Annual Tenants’ Conference

A & E Elkins were invited to have a stand at Southwark’s Tenants’ Conference. This is an annual event where tenants’ representatives are invited along to attend work shops regarding the latest changes in housing policy and legislation, and to discuss various housing issues.

The event was once again, very well attended and many residents and representatives came to our stand to discuss major planned works on their estates and current ongoing schemes happening on their estates and being carried out by A & E Elkins.

We had various branded give-aways such as mugs, pens, light reflective discs and pedometers to encourage residents to walk and measure their steps. These were a great talking point and show our commitment to the health of the local community.

The day finished with a raffle and entertainment. A & E Elkins donated vouchers to four of the lucky winners.

Our representatives on the day were Catherine Duggan, Joanne Bruce and Ayesha Wright.

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