Abseiling for Charity at Maydew house

On the 23rd of September 2016, Jamie Watkins and Chris Conlon along with others from Keepmoat, Calfordseaden and even the Mayor of Southwark; Kath Wittham abseiled down the 72 meters of Maydew house in Bermondsey. The group were raising money for the National Autistic Society among other charities around the local area. Jamie and Chris were also raising money for Shaun Whiter. Shaun had both his legs amputated after a hit-and-run incident while he was changing a friends tyre. He has been described as “a total inspiration” for his attitude since the crash.


Chris made it down in just under 10 minutes and Jamie blew everyone out of the water with a time of 2 minutes 45 seconds! So fast that I couldn’t get down the stairs fast enough to get the descent from the ground! There were 23 floors and I had already run down them once. Cut me some slack!)

So far, over £1,000 has been raised for the National Autistic Society, more than 200% of the original target and nearly £1,500 for Shaun Whiter, 150% of the original target. Well done guys! you made it look so easy! Even higher next time?

There is still time to donate to the causes above.

For Kath’s page; click here

For Jamie’s page, click here.

Whatever you can give will make a world of difference to those in need.


Take a look:

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