[one_half][box style=”3″]Over 50 years of trading – A&E Elkins are proud to be a family business currently with third generation family members.[/box][/one_half]

A&E Elkins Ltd was established in 1963 and is currently owned and managed by Ray Elkins, the Managing Director and Glenis Smith, the Director. Roofing was the primary function of the company when it was started The company was primarily a roofing company started by their father and uncle.  Today, the company has branched into all aspects of property maintenance and refurbishment, along with continuing to run their reputable roofing division. 

Elkins employ teams of qualified surveyors, support staff, health & safety personnel and tradesmen to enable them to operate a professional organisation and to ensure that all works undertaken are to the highest standard. 

Moving with the times ……..

Here are examples of vehicles we have had over the years, helping us to get where we are today

[one_fifth] Thames Van[/one_fifth] [one_fifth] army lorry[/one_fifth] [one_fifth] post office van[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]LEYLAND[/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last]transit 1970[/one_fifth_last]
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A Brief History of A & E Elkins

Our Origins

ln the 1950’s, six Elkins brothers are working together in the mastic asphalt industry. Three of them form a gang and in 1958, these three leave their company to become self-employed, forming Catford Asphalt. Due to differences among the team, this partnership dissolves in 1959. One brother continues to run Catford Asphalt, which continues for a few years. The other two brothers; Arthur and Edward, continue to work together under the name A&E Elkins.

In 1963 they become a Limited company with Arthur’s wife Brenda, as the company secretary, who still actively helps in the office today!  The company grows and establishes a reputation for great service and quality of work.

Edward resigns his Directorship in 1970 although he continues to work for the Company. Arthur and Brenda’s son, Raymond is apprenticed to the company in 1968 and wins the City and Guilds’ Apprentice of the Year award for mastic asphalt in 1971 and becomes a director in 1974.  Their daughter, Glenis also joins the company and becomes a Director in 1982.

The family (and the company) grows

Glenis’s son; Ricky and daughter; Danielle as well as Raymond’s daughter; Sarah, is also employed by the company. Ricky starts off as an apprentice and rises to the level of Roofing Manager.

Arthur and Brenda retire at the end of 1998.  The Company operates from Arthur’s home and a rented yard space from British Rail to begin with, Bellingham and then Brockley when in 1988, British Rail sell the yard for development and A & E Elkins limited move to another yard in Bermondsey which is big enough to accommodate porta cabins as offices.

The company remain in this yard for 25 years until the owners sell the land for redevelopment. A & E Elkins relocate once again and finally settle at Surrey Canal Road.

Over the years the workforce has increased; at one-point, Elkins employ more than thirty direct asphalters, several sub-contractors and office staff. The recession of the 90’s causes great difficulties in the building trade which enables the company to diversify and accept work in other related trades such as slating/tiling, leadwork, scaffolding etc.

Considerable hard work from the directors pulls the company through the storm and towards the end of the decade, the company moves into more building work contracts, tendering and winning ‘Decent Homes’ projects in many areas like kitchens, bathrooms, electrics, heating, windows and external decorations along with several specialist roofing systems. The company moves towards bigger building projects.

Contracts are awarded to us for many prestigious jobs.  During 2010 A & E Elkins become one of Southwark Councils’ Collaborating Contractors and take on two areas of the Borough. Because of the growth in works, the company employs more than 50 personnel including our own Health and Safety Department.

Our journey has come so far in the 50 years that A & E Elkins has been at your service and there is no stopping us!

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