A&E Elkins Ltd is committed to delivering quality, value for money services and appreciates the importance of efficient, effective, and reliable processes in achieving this.

Our ISO 9001 certificated quality management system is maintained by our quality assurance team who ensures that it runs as smoothly as possible. We go far above and beyond in order to learn from and emulate the very best practices in the industry.

A & E Elkins understand how important our staff are. Not only are they the individuals who you interact with, they have also been vital to get where we are today. So it is only natural that we should invest in them as they have in us. Every member of our team is offered courses from organisational skills to identifying client and stake holder needs. We are proud to say that our record of customer satisfaction is excellent. We often receive commendations by clients for exceeding Key Performance Indicators and ‘thank you’ letters from residents for the care, speed, and professionalism with which we deliver our services.

Our strong team ethic, effective leadership, and atmosphere of partnership with our clients has created a mind set focused on delivering the very highest standards, and continually striving to improve to be the best that we can. Our approach is responsible for our excellent business reputation, which continues to attract further clients and high standard personnel to our team. An upward spiral giving satisfaction, quality and peace of mind to our clients time and again.


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