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About us

A Premier Refurbishment, ‘Decent Homes’, Maintenance and Roofing Contractor, A& E Elkins is now a prominent Small Medium Enterprise working all across London and the South East Still maintaining it’s strong family values

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Mr P Glassborow

"The liason officer and the site manager was very helpful and they looked after me very well. I thank them both. Very professional. The workman was very much the same too. Thank you all very much, Good job all."

Anita Catchesides
Freddie Farmer Foundation

Thank you so much for your generous donation from your gun day. Thank you for your support

Mr E. Gadden

You don’t know me, but my name is Mr E. Ghadden of Forsyth gardens se*****. I’m a lease holder in a maisonette. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Mathew, who I believe is a colleague of yours, I found him very pleasant and friendly and he helped me with a few problems that I had. There’s not many like him around. Its nice to know that Elkins have good workers like you and Matthew.

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